The Circle

Inside The Circle

The Circle's mission is complete transparency, connection without limits, and the power to experience everything.

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Wise Men

Fondly nicknamed The Three Wise Men by Circlers, the founder, CEO, and CFO of The Circle are three of the world's most visionary minds ever to innovate together.

Eamon Bailey
We care about you, and we care about everyone you care about.
Spirit Animal: Octopus

Eamon Bailey

Eamon is the outgoing and charismatic CEO of the Circle who can be seen on the Circle campus wearing a cozy sweater and jeans. He's a graduate of Notre Dame and married father of four. Hoping to stay as closely connected to Circlers as possible, he prefers to be called "Uncle Eamon." He enjoys surfing, collecting art, and displaying his many artifacts.

Tom Stenton
Openness is something we advocate here at the Circle.
We live it.
Spirit Animal: Shark

Tom Stenton

Tom handles the Circle's finances and engages with public figures who can affect the business. He's also known as the brilliant problem solver who has no limits to making things happen. He appreciates a good Italian suit and enjoys piloting his own plane. Keen on investments, Tom owns a submarine, a NASCAR team, and a collection of racing yachts.

Ty Lafitte
You're the most powerful person at the Circle... a revolution of one.
Spirit Animal: Seahorse

Ty Lafitte

Ty is the first and youngest of the Three Wise Men. Although he is the visionary that founded The Circle, he sometimes avoids the limelight to focus his energy on ideas. Ty prefers anonymity while on campus but keeps a close eye on all developments and innovations.

Meet Circler #1

Mae Holland

Mae Holland
Role: Customer Experience
The First Circler to go fully transparent
Known as the most popular Circler

Mae is an enthusiastic 24-year-old who excels at her role in the Customer Experience department at The Circle. Firmly believing in the Circle's push for full transparency in society, Mae catches the attention of the Three Wise Men. Currently, Mae lives with her parents, Bonnie and Vinnie Holland, and hangs out with her friend Mercer from time to time.

I want us to be connected, united, inseparable.